Grow into your PhD

Emma Geoffray

Writer | Educator | Growing PhD in chief

Hey there, I’m Emma. I recently finished my doctorate in theoretical particle physics. If you’re up for discussing what may lie beyond the Standard Model, EFTs, and global analyses, count me in!

Originally from France, I currently call Switzerland home, where I get to enjoy the picturesque landscapes.

My ultimate goal? Empowering early career researchers like you to conquer the challenges of academia and thrive. I aim to equip you with the essential skills and a growth-oriented mindset to not only excel on your PhD journey but also embrace the limitless possibilities that lie beyond.

I’m in the process of writing my very first book, an invaluable resource that will teach you the art of planning your PhD. And I give workshops at universities and scientific institutions for early career researchers.

Also, I’m incredibly happy to have you here!

A PhD is freaking hard!

So don’t do it alone.

Join our supportive community and grow into your PhD.